Product Range

Omega Door Frame Master Catalog

Frameless Glass

For those of you who want to view the world without constraint, we create striking frameless glass that lends a clean and modern look to any room. Whether it is an entry door closure, we will use advanced technology, materials and fittings to ensure the frameless glass system is master crafted with cleanliness and a superb finish.

Omega Door Frame Master Catalog

Insulated Glass

We use a variety of glass thicknesses, tints, spacers and bars to build a finished product according to your needs and surrounding style. All our products are double-sealed with a high-grade silicone to limit degradation from UV light and protect your internal setting from moisture. If required, we can also fill insulated glass with argon gas to aid in temperature and sound control.

Omega Door Frame Master Catalog

Safety Glass

Heat-treated glass, also known as safety glass, is processed through a tempering oven to increase its strength which helps improve impact resistance, mechanical loads and thermal stress. Moreover, safety glass withholds up to four times the strength of regular glass and will shatter into small pieces if broken. Depending on your requirements, we offer two distinct products, heat-strengthened and fully tempered glass.

Omega Door Frame Master Catalog

Spandrel Glass

Spandrel glass is created using a sandblasting, ceramic frit or back paint technology. The opaque glass is usually used to conceal areas from direct view by covering building materials such as pipes and wires, to extend the durability, spandrel glass can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of a room or building.

Creating & Delivering
Exceptional Glass Solutions

We specialize in the manufacturing of frameless, insulated, safety and spandrel glass. A range of processing techniques from cutting and edging tosandblasting and custom fabrication is also available at ourfacility.

Our services include:

Frameless worktops, shop fronts and shower-screens.
Standard and high performance insulated glass units.
Tempered safety glass, doors, canopies and balconies.
Spandrel panels, partitions and decorative wall cladding.


Complete custom-made software for computer-assisted drafting and design for:

  • Curtain wall and window systems
  • Frameless glass walls
  • Structural steel
  • Composite cladding
  • Skylights and roofing
  • Water proofing
  • Mock-up drawings
  • Production drawings
  • Installation drawings

New Systems Design and Development

  • Purpose-made and standard curtain walls
  • Unitized curtain wall
  • Panelized curtain wall
  • Stick System Curtain Wall
  • Bolted frameless glass facades with glass fins
  • Stainless steel spider connections, patch-fittings etc
  • Structural silicone glazing
  • Window designs
  • Sliding glass and/or aluminum doors.
  • Sloped glazing in atriums and skylights
  • Cladding in composite aluminum and other materials

Structural Engineering

  • Complete structural analysis and design including wind load calculations
  • Evaluation and testing of materials
  • Evaluation of structural integrity of proposed design solutions
  • Buckling and stability analysis for façade designs
  • Finite element analysis
  • Large deflection and membrane stress analysis
  • Thermal stress analysis
  • Thermal transmission analysis of glazed aluminum facades